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INTERACTA, Association for Production and Interaction in Culture and Education

was established in 2013 in Zagreb, Croatia. Interacta promotes the value of culture and creative learning (education) and (together with) programs, policies, and practices that enhance the social, cultural and intellectual development of citizens, especially children and the youth (young people), and their cultural, intellectual and artistic creativity. Communication, education, production and mediation in culture and art are the core of Interacta's activities.

Our mission is to increase the quality of education as well as educational, cultural, social and artistic innovations and develop the knowledge and skills that are essential for citizens' full participation in society. We want to increase cultural activism and participation of artists and other cultural and creative practitioners in educational activities.

Our intention is to actively participate in the creation of a wider educational and cultural policies and build our own identity, visibility and reputation on the local, national and international level.


Interacta gathers a team of experts with experience in developing  forms, contents and processes of cultural education/mediation and also with a great experience in developing projects that generate new ways of connecting the public, community members, school environment, business-industry, cultural and other institutions and community organizations.




Starting with the assumption that education and culture have a common and unique role in society, not only serving the development of social, political and economic prosperity, but also enhancing every individual’s growth, we would like to call attention to new techniques, tools, means, and processes aimed at developing:

  • concept of culture-based creativity, stemming from art and cultural productions or activities which nurture innovation and going beyond artistic or “creative content” toward significant positive change in economy/business, education and society.

  • participatory and constructive approach to learning and teaching

  • culture-based creativity linked to the ability of people to think imaginatively or metaphorically, to challenge the conventional, to call on the symbolic and affective, to communicate and allow the development of a new vision, an idea or a product.

The nature of culture-based creativity is closely linked to the nature of artistic contribution as expressed in art or cultural productions. The spontaneous, intuitive, singular and human nature of cultural creation enriches society.



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